Danielle C. Shepherd

I am a woman of substance. I am unique in the sense that life and all of my experiences have afforded me the ability to understand and to connect with those who are in need. I am compassionate and loving in spirit and although I have been bruised along the way, my spirit is not bitter.


On the contrary. I have learned from the process and believe, fully, that we are here to do just that: Learn. I also believe we are here to teach. I enjoy the process of both. I am flawed; yet beautiful. The flaws and the bruises are part of my uniqueness...I am intelligent, yet my intelligence is not just gathered from a text book or compiled from the teachings of a university....there are many places I have gathered intellect from and the street is part of one of those places....I make no secret of my life. I am an open book....I know that the Creator has His hand in my life because I am here....

I'm living inside my DREAM...won't you come inside and join me? The world we live in is the world we create....I only seek to add to what already exists....

We could talk about the superficial things of life, but I would never be satisfied as life is more then the surface that most subscribe to....I prefer to talk about the multifaceted intricacies of our existence....Where have you been? What has life meant to you? What have you endured? What is purpose? How are we connected? What part do you want to play in life and the adversities that people face?.....

Feel free to read the words I have written in my blogs.... Peace and Serenity to all....


© 2018 Danielle Shepherd


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