All He Wanted To Do Was Feed His Sister

I am always coming across someone that has been met with unfortunate circumstances and I am compelled to share.

He was 14 when the police arrested him for murder. He was sentenced to 20 years in an adult prison.

He walked slowly and took his place on the block. A sad, but true reality for the Detroit teenager. He should have been home studying, perhaps even sleeping; preparing for the school the next day, but there he stood. This particular evening was quite cold in the motor city and the young man was not in his usual state. “The difference”, you ask? Well, this evening, he was pushing his sister in a stroller. He had to bring her along. His mother was nowhere to be found, perhaps on another drug induced adventure. His sister was hungry and she was out of diapers. He loved her as if she were his OWN child. He didn't want to take her, but he couldn't leave her either and they did need to eat.

With the ROCKS tucked strategically behind the babies back and a blanket wrapped around her for warmth, this young man felt he could put in an hour of work and the two of them would be OK. At least for just awhile. Little did he know of the fate that would approach their young lives that night. I will spare you the horrid details, but what I will tell you is that in defense of himself and his sister, a murder was committed; a life was lost.

I am saddened to think another young life was lost. I cannot help but to wonder to myself, “Where was the real crime committed?” This young teenager lived very close to the infamous “8 Mile Rd.” It is a funny thing about 8 Mile Rd, not just the attention it received from Eminnem, but the other part. The part that divides one county from another here in Michigan. On one side, the 2nd most dangerous city in America and just across the street..the other side of 8 the 3rd wealthiest county in the USA.

This young man did not premeditate a murder, he defended himself and his family against harm. I wonder how many of us have ever had to make those types of decisions? I look at my own son, now 13, and I can't imagine loosing him to an unfair and unjust system that does not support the underclass, the underprivileged living in America, and I wonder what would happen if I lost my son to this system? I cannot turn my back to the harsh realities that face the youth living in this city. It is simply unacceptable. It is my opinion that this young man was a victim from the start, no one to assist him in how to escape his own personal hell. He was then again further victimized by an oppressive system which handed him an unfair sentencing that put him smack in the middle of Jackson State Prison (google'll see who lives there)

...But as always, we see people who claim to view the world as us all being able to live in an equal society, just as long as we change our own view of the world. I say...TELL THAT TO THIS YOUNG MAN...I haven't been able to find his white counterpart that would have received a similar sentencing...I'm sad. People want to put their head in the sand...Please don't! NOW is NOT the time to turn away...we are needed, we are desperately needed....children are suffering in conditions that they should not be...much of it at the hands of racists conditions still existing in America.

I will leave you with this....

Be the change you wish to see in the world.