Mainstream America

Defining Mainstream America is simple in my opinion. Being of mainstream means being in the majority. This could be in the political sense, moral sense, social, and economical circumstances. If one does not fit into these categories in all aspects, one, therefore fails to meet the criteria for this "Mainstream". It is the American ideal of "normalcy". Doing as the majority does can allow someone to easily fit into this category. It the entire basis and understanding of the "American melting pot", assimilation, if you will. If I look, act, believe, and agree to perceive the world as the majority of America sees it, then I can belong to this greatly desired category. It is the basis for our chasing the all mighty dollar, as well as the economic and social acceptance that we have been brainwashed to understand as TRUTH. It is what lies behind politics, media, and a governmental system that was created "for the people", not ALL people, only the select ones that fit certain criteria...the rest are left to fend for themselves. The latter group is in a constant battle of suppression that actually will cross the barriers of "race", or in America, the visual concept of race determined by the color of ones skin. This barrier is crossed in the sense that if one does not meet any of the other criteria, then one is not to be considered "mainstream". One must completely assimilate in order that one be able to be classified in the category. This can be accomplished by many Americans, but the one criteria that "black America" cannot fulfill is to shed itself of its black skin, therefore never being allowed complete assimilation. It is the great "melting pot" theory that says we can all blend, but can we? I don't look to achieve this great ideal of blending together and it is my belief that until we are teaching and learning about acceptance and realizing that what each of us has to offer both individually and as a group, there cannot be true equality. To embrace individuality, is the the true definition of equality. America should be more like a quilt, with the woven intricacies of all of us. She should be the great example of a place where those that wanted to truly express individuality were allowed to do so without ridicule, without judgment, without the lack of belonging or the forced suppression when one or a group cannot meet the majority. "Mainstream America", it is the driving force behind the political, economical, and social constraints that works to overpower the innocent and manipulate the others.