Striving For That Which Is Real

The world is moving in such a fast pace that distractions occur regularly that can steer us away from our true purpose. I have had the opportunity to see, in person, many dynamic speakers such as Jack Boland, Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, T.D. Jakes, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandela, Father Leo Booth, Deepak Chopra, James Redfield and many more. The lessons I have heard were endless and a true gift to me, but that goes without saying. I am expressing my true deep and honest belief that we all have the power within us to reveal our own true selves. It is not an easy path by any stretch of the imagination. We all know that life can challenge us in ways we may never have conceptualized, but nonetheless we have the means not only to survive, but also to transform that which has been laid out before us .REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT IS I do not sit here and write this without the knowledge of what it means to suffer from challenges. I have suffered at the hands of hardships from the time I was born. I know, from first hand, how life's challenges can affect your mind and your body and most of all your spirit. It wears down your confidence, your self worth, and can alter the reasons we believe we are here. It has the power to change your belief in yourself and can affect the lives of generations of people. Adversities can lay their evil grasps on lives in a toxic and unrelenting manner that one may feel will never subside. We must not give in to this thought process, but instead put the power back into our own lives and create our own transformation. Yes, this is a process; a journey life takes us on in a continual basis. No one is claiming the process is easy, but ultimately it is the most rewarding of all processes. I, for one, will never give up on facing the changes that are necessary to incorporate peace, serenity, and an everlasting loving spirit into my life, challenging as that may be. I strive for that which is real .for if it is not of love, then it is never real

Peace and Serenity