The Warrior's Truth...

My heart aches for the child whose dreams they tried to steal

My soul bleeds from the pain inflicted on his life

I listen with my heart As the tears fall from my eyes

I see everything he tells me

The pictures vivid in my mind I sense the destruction that attempted to own his soul

Yet never could

His strength and endurance is as pure as purity is itself

What flows from his spirit is love

Even though evil tried to set its existence inside of him

Battling to grasp its ugliness around his being

Never succeeding

Never allowed to cultivate as it had planned

He shall remain FREE

Never captured Instead in supreme faith of the Creator

A life spared by infinite truth

The truth of purpose

A purpose that exists in the brilliance that lies within the man

The Warrior

The never ending Truth of what is absolute and FREE

FREE to reside in the excellence of his mind

His heart

And his soul

His true soul

His true reality

Meant only for greatness

A greatness that could never have been suppressed

For through all those that tried to stifle his destiny

A Warrior grew


And Brilliant

And Radiant

And filled with greater Truth Than any could have ever imagined

For this is the Truth of the Warrior