Under The Wings of Insanity

Under the wings of insanity Rests the desperation of our ancestors The unbelievable story Of our past disbeliefs Of unheard denial Our Mothers and Grandmothers Stretching their minds and their bodies So that their souls become nothingness No freedom, no peace Nothing, but eternal pain Excepting the abuse of a man Forcing down his hand Taking away their strength I refuse to allow the cycle to continue So I stand alone All on my own Not sure where to turn Alone with my children Beaten and bruised Wishing it would end Broken free You see It's not enough to go For pain still flows With everlasting strength I'll survive, I know But I'll never be the same Under the wings of insanity I'm changing history For those that will follow My sacrifice is not in vain It's for those with weakened spirits To those before me Whose spirits were broken I take my role with pride I'll survive for all of us No matter how hard this is I know not what the future holds But I'm willing to be patient My time will come And the pain will diminish It's for freedom For peace And to stop the eternal pain I'll survive I must The futures in my hands